Our Work

Reilly Consulting produces high quality political communications for candidates, ballot measures, independent expenditures, and public affairs campaigns.

More importantly, we excel at the strategic use of those communications. It's one thing to produce beautiful work, but another to know the right time and place to use it. That is what is so important about our experience and why it separates us from the pack. We'll help you take your message to the right medium at the right time with the right touch, reaching the people/voters that will make the critical difference.


TV is a medium that should stir emotion. Whether that's laughter, anger, or understanding, we try to reach voters in a way that resonates with how they feel about the world and identify with our client's message.

Bill Dodd for State Senate 2016 - It's time to work together

Sharon Quirk-Silva: It's time to reform the UC system


We believe in direct mail that delivers a simple, clean message.
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IBEW - Keep the Lights On


Bill Dodd - Forward


Bill Dodd - Environment


James Gore - Fresh Ideas


Yes On S


Pat Lunney - Clear Choice